1st Multi Stakeholder Forum – PRESENTATIONS

1st Multi Stakeholder Forum – PRESENTATIONS

Here you can find two presentations, presented on this event.

Simona De Rosa from T6 Ecosystems presented the policy dialogue approach defined within the i3 project, aiming to support the development of policy recommendations on Convergence and Social Media to be addressed to the European Commission.

Nina Klein from Frankfurt Book Fair presented New European Media (NEM) activities. NEM is a leading initiative in the Convergence and Social Media domain. Main activities and aims of the NEM were presented to the audience.

Heritiana Ranaivoson from iMec presented ImmersiaTV project, that aims to create a novel form of broadcast omnidirectional video, content production and delivery, and the WEAR project, which aims to foster artists to use technology.

1st Multi-Stakeholder Forum took place in Brussels, Belgium on 16th February 2017, it was attended by 12 participants, it was organized under i3 project, funded by the European Commission. The main goal of the project is to coordinate efforts in the social media convergence domain, address how research efforts can increase outreach, improve connection within the ecosystem and raise the excellence of Convergence and Social media research outcomes.