2nd Workshop and Masterclass – PRESENTATIONS

2nd Workshop and Masterclass – PRESENTATIONS

The workshop & masterclass was focused on two main subjects:

1) Creative Thinking: how to develop your idea

Creativity is a work ethic, something not always understood by those who haven’t picked up a crayon since childhood. There are methods that can be learned to making the most of your creativity, whether that’s branding, advertising or product, meaning “Leave it to the creatives” is not a valid excuse.

This masterclass starts with a run-down of the tools, techniques and thinking to get the creative process going, and will be interspersed with fun and practical exercises and activities to open the creative juices tap, and help you work out how to deliver your message and sell your product.

2) Business Model and Value Proposition – A self reflective approach
The key to a successful alignment of the Business Model is to deeply understand the customer. While most Entrepreneurs feel they clearly know what the client wants, they often approach the market with their own bias of what they expect the customer to want.
In this workshop, we shall provide two complementary approaches to empower the entrepreneur to approach the market and develop their products that customers will love:
1. The External Approach – A powerful way to is to implement Design Thinking and Lean Startup Methodology.
2. The Internal Approach – Most business approaches have focused on external actions and methodologies often ignoring a key success factor. This is the internal state of the Entrepreneur and his organization.

The Speakers
Karl Smyth is the creative director and founding partner of new creative agency s/ks, and winner of several Irish and European awards for design and art direction. He loves his clients, which have included global multinationals, to tech start-ups on a shoestring budget.

Aneesh Zutshi is an Invited Assistant Professor at Univ. Nova de Lisboa and coordinator of a Startup Europe project, DIGISTART working with Students and Startups helping them develop Business Model and align their ideas and goals. He is also the founder of passionise.com focusing on helping startups and organizations bringing passion, motivation and empathy in their work culture towards greater flow and strategic alignment within the organization.