HRADIO: hybrid radio that combines music and personalized information

HRADIO (Hybrid Radio everywhere for everyone) focuses on radio service innovations enabled by convergence. While radio, with its rich editorial content, remains a highly popular medium, listening figures are slowly declining, particularly among youngsters. With the rapid rise of smartphones, radio faces competition from many new services including music streaming platforms. Regular radio today often does not include attractive features as known from vertical platforms.

On the one hand there is currently live radio, which offers the same flow of information and music to all listeners, and on the other hand there are internet services that are completely personalized, such as Spotify.
This project investigates how it can combine the two (hybrid radio). So you can hear the news at one time and then listen to a song from your own list on Spotify.
Another example is the personalization of traffic messages. If you drive home on the E40, you will only hear traffic updates related to your route.
Finally, it is also possible that you are driving home and are listening to a news update when you arrive. With the system, it is possible that you can listen to that news seamlessly and automatically in your house. In this way, radio receives the same interactive features as the internet services.