I3 @ 27th NEM General Assembly

I3 @ 27th NEM General Assembly

I3 invites you to join I3 at the NEM General Assembly event to discuss policy requirements in the field of Convergence and Social Media.

I3 will present its cooperation with Vital Media and launch Policy Dialogue platform. How it affects your project and your business? These topics will be discussed at the event.

About I3

I3 is European Commission funded project aimed at supporting other ICT-19 Innovation Action projects and innovative startups in the area of Social Media Convergence.

About NEM

NEM focuses on an innovative mix of various media and creative content forms, delivered seamlessly over technologically transparent networks, to improve the quality, enjoyment and value of life. NEM represents the convergence of existing and new technologies, including broadband, mobile and new media, including creativity, across all sectors, to create a new and exciting era of advanced personalised services. A key focus of NEM is on innovative services and applications that constitute different media forms and creative content. These services are delivered over a wide variety of complementary access and transport networks – so called delivery networks. The services are delivered in a seamless and interactive way to a variety of end-user terminals and devices, including fixed and handheld terminals. Improving the quality, enjoyment and value of the user experience is at the heart of NEM. A main goal is to empower end-users in creating their media and communication environments, including user-generated content, in which the quality of access to value-added and creative content as well as services is the key enabling factor.