Implementing The Business Model Canvas: factors to consider for EU and ICT 19 projects

I3 recently hosted a webinar on the Business Model Canvas. The Guest Speaker was Alfredo Adamo CEO of Alan Advantage and an expert in innovation and advanced technologies including: strategic marketing, digital marketing, interaction design, gamification, and innovation management.

The webinar was open to all EU funded projects, with a particular focus on those with ICT 19 deliverables. The aim was to support projects building different segments of the Business Model Canvas and in parallel support projects to complete the i3 Self Assessment Toolkit (SAT): an i3 tool that helps projects to estimate their economic, social and technological impacts and build effective business models.

Participants were lead through the Business Model Canvas highlighting how best to increase their chances of commercialisation and exploitation activities.

Alfredo shared examples, definitions and tools to practically help participants with the successful execution of building a Business Model Canvas and observed that: “A good business model can become a powerful tool for improving execution.”

Alfredo gave in depth explanations and insights on each of the segments including factors to consider, questions to ask and risks to manage. Alfredo advised that the central segment is the customer, that they are the heart of a business and that “You exist for your customer” and should segment and serve each segment according to their needs.

Further detail was provided with an in depth consideration of patterns in business models and the dynamics and reusable descriptions that apply to three types of fundamentally different business models.  

Alfredo advised projects to be agile, be discerning, constantly revisit and revise the canvas and ensure customers are at the centre of what they do.

Guest Speaker

Alfredo Adamo

Alfredo is a Senior Business Consultant and Executive of the consulting company ALAN ADVANTAGE srl. Mr Adamo is an expert in Innovation and advanced technologies and as Senior Advisor of the company he is in charge of strategic marketing; digital marketing and communication, interaction design & gamification, innovation management.