imec is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. It brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. imec unites more than 900 researchers from numerous Flemish universities and
knowledge centres. Since its establishment in 2004, has run more than 250 projects, representing a total value of well over 250 million euro. For this application, iMinds research group SMIT participates, more specifically, the business model and user research teams. iMinds-SMIT,
at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), is specialized in fundamental, applied and contract reseach in the area of ICT. With currently a staff of over 65 researchers, and an annual turnover of well over 3.5 M€, SMIT is a major research centre in Europe for policy & socio- economic research relating to ICT and media. SMIT specialises in social scientific research on media and ICT,
and combines user, policy and business analysis with both quantitative and qualitative research methodologie.

T6 ECO is a consulting and research SMEs with extensive experience in participating and coordinating national and international research and innovation projects.
In the last 10 years, T6 ECO has gained a very significant experience in carry on research and management activities in complex research projects, the most of them funded within the EC Research Framework Programs. What makes T6 ECO different is the idea to b
ring together Project Management and Scientific Research, where Project Management is a mean to support the “knowledge society and economy”. In this framework, among T6 ECO main activities we like to mention: strategic consultancy to Public Administrations and private enterprises regarding innovation of process and use of ICT technolo
gies, IT research on Digital Ecosystems and Distributed systems, software technology transfer, business support for IT access and adoption by SMEs and socio-economic impact assessment of research and innovation investments.

Eurokleis is a SME born in 2000 with the aim to transform the research experience of its founders into specialized strategic consultancy and research studies with the focus on the use and the deployment of Information, Communication & Media Technologies. Eurokleis has developed different skills within the technology e- Science context. This is a key element of success of Eurokleis research, which give a high value to the diffusion of research
results and for the transfer of technology activities on the market. Eurokleis relies particular attention on economic, financial and organisational evolution of technology. The core business of Eurokleis is research, development and deployment of highly specialized mathematical and computational models able to solve daily business problems. Eurokleis partners have worked for a number of international
companies, local authorities and private organizations, as well as with the European Commission.

 F6S Network Limited is a UK based entity that is the largest social network for Startups in the European Union. With over
2M profiles for the Startup/SME community and more than 750,000 Startups, it currently supports the majority of the Startup/SME ecosystem through deal flow/applications, jobs listings, free services, communication forms and other areasF6S is the platform for managing applications, related community and reach activities for more than 7000 Startup accelerator programs, Incubators & Startup Events around the world. F6S’ global penetration in the Accelerator segment exceeds 98%. More then 700 of these entities are EU-based. Almost a thousand early-stage startups in Europe receive initial funding and/or mentorship through these programs through the F6S infrastructure.