The Policy Dialogue Platform: a collaboration tool shaping the future of Europe’s media

The Policy Dialogue Platform: a collaboration tool shaping the future of Europe’s media

According to eMarketer’s latest forecast, around 50% of Europeans use social media on a regular basis. European millennials are one of the most innovate age groups adopting new social networks and using the latest developments in media technology. Recognising the need for citizens and stakeholders to have a say about how social media should impact their lives, the European Commission has financed a number of projects, that work with the latest developments in media convergence and social media, as well as facilitating wider discussion on social media policies in Europe.

In collaboration with other European Commission funded projects, VitalMedia is a newly launched initiative, that will provide a unique place for a structured dialogue and involve different interest groups in the conversation. The Policy Dialogue Platform is part of NEM (New European Media Initiative) – one of the biggest and most active organisations shaping the policies of media and creative content in Europe. The Policy Dialogue Platform is a dedicated space for policy dialogue around Media Convergence and Social Media domains. It is open to all Europeans, starting with media users and involving everyone else in the area – media interest groups, innovative social media startups, research organisations as well as other European Commission funded projects.

Simona De Rosa, researcher at T6 Ecosystems, coordinates policy dialogue activities in a European Commission funded project called I3 (Innovate, Invest, Impact). She says: “It is of crucial importance to involve all relevant actors to talk about sensitive topics for a regulatory framework and coordinate policies in convergence and social media, giving the opportunity to express ideas, share experience and find solutions”.

“It is an interactive platform, where people can raise their concerns, questions and ideas up for discussion,” – Says Simona De Rosa, “and the best part is that European Commission policy makers will take into consideration recommendations that are coming out of the platform. This is an opportunity for everyone to have a say that can make an impact.”

The free platform can be accessed via the link below. Access to all of the platform’s features requires registration.

I3 and VitalMedia are European Commission funded CSA projects in the area of Technologies for Creative Industries on Convergence and Social Media. For more information, please visit