I3 is a 30 months Coordination and Support Action for “ICT 19-2015″. The main goal of the project is to coordinate efforts in the social media convergence domain, address how research efforts can increase outreach, improve connection within the ecosystem and raising the excellence of Convergence and Social media research outcomes.

The goal encompasses four main aspects that aim to bridge the gap from research and innovation to market deployment:


I3 provides the tools for the enhancement of technological maturity levels and for the creation of sound and innovative business models. The specific socio-economic impact maximization methodology of i3 will help to identify a value proposition of research projects in the Social Media Convergence domain, and thus prepare the path from research to innovation and finally market deployment.


The impact of research can be increased in an ecosystem of committed actors. The potential of innovation can be reached with the right tools and methodologies. I3 serves these ends; engaging projects and stakeholders to participate and collaborate in the i3 New Media Convergence ecosystem; determining, together, the best means to become truly innovative; sharing knowledge, coaching and mentoring those innovators needing the extra push in reaching their goals. The result will be a strong network founded collaboration and advanced expertise that will make innovation happen.


To match research outcomes with market requirements, to find necessary investments, i3 establishes an ecosystem accelerator; a place where the best ideas meet inspired investors. I3 will create opportunities, driving people, providing tools and possibilities. A prize will reward the best idea, the overall result will reward the Social Media domain and its supporters.


To truly innovate the Social Media Convergence domain, i3 engages the relevant stakeholders and provides the stage for the required debate; policy makers and entrepreneurs active in the sector, promoting a strong collaboration and a constructive dialogue among them. This will lead the participants through a phase of negotiation supported by i3 and finally to a common deliberation and concrete recommendations addressing European Policies for the benefit of the domain.